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The Harvest Field

Nairobi, Kenya is a city of contrasts with vast development and slums. Like all urban cities people come from all over the nation to look for greener pastures. Although there are several churches there. We as a mission have decided to focus on the unreached people in the slums , the bye ways and the alleys.

The photograph at the top features the city centre while the bottom one is the photograph of Korogosho, one of the areas we are reaching in Nairobi.

Rev John Ebegbuna with some ministers


Inner City congregation in Nairobi, Kenya


Ijebu Waterside with Apostle John Ebegbuna and Rev Ola Thomas

Apostle John Ebegbuna preaching in Butula, Kenya


Rev Stella Ebegbuna in Harbel, Liberia

Apostle John Ebegbuna in Europe preaching the good news of Jesus.